Design Wall Monday – August 2

I was away at Quilting by the Lake last week taking a class on Indigo Dying  – so needless to say I wasn’t near my sewing machine but had my hands and arms in Indigo Dye. Here is a shot of my design wall at QBL (the long rectangular pieces are silk scarves).

Here are a few shots of some of the fabric I dyed.

Here is some of the Dupioni Silk that I dyed.

Any suggestions of what I could do with them? (SENDING THEM TO ONE OF YOU IS NOT AN OPTION! – Sorry!)

Stop by Judy’s Blog and see what everyone else is doing.


9 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday – August 2

  1. You could send them to me too! It was my first thought. They remind me of some indigo fabric I saw at a shop here that I wanted but couldn't think what to make with it. You need some kind of design the showcases your work. What about a 4-patch posy where you cut 4 rectangles and sew them like they are swirling away from the center. Not sure how to do it but I think you could figure it out. I believe there's even a pattern called that too. What about that pattern with the moon over/behind the mountain? I saw one all in batiks and it was gorgeous. I hope this helps, even the first part…Send them to me!!!!!!!


  2. Instead of sending them to just one of us, send them to a few of us. Go ahead and put my name on the list. 🙂
    They re beautiful. I've played at my friend's house with marbling and loved it but haven't gotten into the fabric dying yet.


  3. Now you are a mind reader too…….I really think you should mail them to me :0).

    They are just beautiful…….you have to make them the highlight of something special….
    there now didn't that help?

    Happy sewing


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