Big Rig on the Road – QBL

I try to take some  time every summer to get away for a week to recharge and get some new ideas and spend time with other quilters. One of the special treats for me is to spend a week at Quilting by the Lake (QBL) – which is a program of the Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center.

QBL is a two week program of 2, 3 and 5 day classes or studio time with some of the best teachers in the quilting world.  And – some of the best quilters (both in terms of talent and personality) from around the world. This summer I will be taking a class with Elin Noble in the art of Indigo Dyeing.

I will have my camera with me and will be taking pictures throughout the week – I hope to be able to use someones laptop and post some of the pictures next week – but if they don’t show up next week – rest assured I will put them up the first week of August.

This is what I am doing to rest and recharge my quilting spirit – what do you do to recharge your creative soul?


2 thoughts on “Big Rig on the Road – QBL

  1. Its funny but I always say that QBL is my annual renewal spa! It never fails that the charge I get from going lasts at least through to Christmas. I wish I could figure out how to get the buzz to last all year long!


  2. Oh lucky you!
    I have “Dyes and Paints” book by Elin.
    (I got to meet her at a mutual friends house in Amenia who was terminally ill with cancer and has since died.) She is just delightful! You're gonna learn so much.

    Happy Sewing


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