Toolbox Tuesday – July 20 -Color

When I talk with quilters I find that many (most) are in a color rut – they just don’t know how to make things work, what should I add to a quilt to make it better, what should I leave out….. the list goes on and on. You like me most likely have books on color-some of which we use – lots we don’t! I recently came across an interesting publication on the magazine rack – and it still is around (the magazine says display through  August 17, 2010).  It’s not for quilters – but for painting your home. It presents colors that different designers use and why.   It has entries on colors that calm, colors that make you feel good, the best reds etc… (The best one is colors that make you look younger!!! – worth picking up just for this one!)

(Yep you wanted the page about “colors that make you look younger” – well you will have to find the magazine and take a look yourself!)

I found inspiration in looking at the pictures and the juxtaposition of colors – some combiniations I would never have thought of.  So… when you are at the store and you see this cover – pick it up and at least page through it… it might be something of interest to you or it just might not be for you – but you might get an idea or two. Take a look (better than looking through all that other stuff on the rack!)

And on that note – What color resources have you found helpful?  When you are in a color funk and don’t know what to do – what do you use for inspiration.


One thought on “Toolbox Tuesday – July 20 -Color

  1. I get inspiration from nature. For example, the brown outside of a kiwi, the light and bright green inside of the same kiwi, and the dark, nearly black color of the seeds instantly give me three colors that I know will work together, because nature already knows they work together.

    And then there is the unspoken rule that red, in fact, is a neutral. Can't go wrong there.

    Life is too short for white and off white. It's best to use the crayons that are used most often.

    My best color resource besides these three rules, is The Color Palette Primer by Joann Eckstut ( which is a delicious treasury of color schemes (an absolute Bible for interior design). The book is published by Broadway books and retails for $24.95.

    Some people still rely on a color wheel, but unless you know what color does, it's best to rely on something more concrete.


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