Design Wall Monday-July 19

I did a little work on my tumblers – to those who wondered:

1) I loved using the AccuQuilt system. It worked like a charm – no problem with slipping fabric and it made quick work of cutting up the fat quarters.

2) The tumblers are 6 inches tall

3) I LOVED LOVED LOVED – how the die cut the corners so that when you went to sew the blocks together there was no guessing as to how they should line up!

Here is what I had up last week:

Here is where I am at this week.

Run over to Judy’s Blog to see what everyone else is up to.

For those of you on Facebook – check out the Facebook listing for Big Rig Quilting – I created it this weekend and it has pictures of some of my quilts as well as some quilts I have done for customers. If you have trouble with this link – just do a search for Big Rig Quilting.


4 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday-July 19

  1. Love the colors and nice job on getting those tumblers to line up. I didn't have the die cut option when I made one years ago and it looks it. Of course, now I can refer to it as wonky!


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