Tool Box Tuesday – July 13

I wanted to find something to hold pins when I was putting a quilt on my longarm – I purchased this magnetic model but soon found that the straps were not big enough to go around my big wrist!

I discovered that if I cut the straps off I could attach the magnetic device to my longarm and move it around as needed. On my HQ 16 I can put it on the bar that is used to hold the Micro Handles

It also works on the front bars – I put it on the roller for the quilt top when I am attaching the back and it also works for attaching the top.

When I am attaching the top of the back I can put it on one of the back pick-up rollers.

So, what have you found useful for holding your pins?


2 thoughts on “Tool Box Tuesday – July 13

  1. There are different thicknesses for these pins – I use the heavy duty ones and they are very stiff. I like these because they lie flat and don't cause bumps when I roll up the fabric. Some of the heads have fallen off – but not enough to make me change. I like the bowl with magnetic base – I will have to look for one of those!


  2. Metal bowl with magnetic base found in the automotive section of the
    hardware store about $4. Sits on bars whilst pinning and on the end of the frame the rest of the time, takes a lot to knock it off and most of the
    time the pins stay put even when the bowl falls…then there's a magnetic wand to sweep the dropped ones up. I found the pins I see in this picture, too 'bendy' and the heads frequently came off, so switched to corsage pins.


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