Design Wall Monday – July 12

Thanks to all of you who made comments about whether I should set my long cabin horizontally or on-ponit – well – the on-point voters won out – I also loved it this way. Thanks to all who gave your ideas and voted! I still haven’t figured out what I am going to put around it – maybe I might have something for you on that next week.  I like the idea of making a larger log cabin and cutting it and using it for the corner triangles. As a reminder – here is the on-point version.

As for something new – I had a whole bunch of fat quarters (25 I believe) that were part of a “Winter Blues” swap from my Yahoo Quilt Guy group.  My friend Susan Sato at Easy Piecing let me use her Accuquilt and helped me slice and dice these fat quarters into tumblers. I am trying to figure out what to do with them so I am throwing them up on the wall to see what might look right.

And….Head over to Judy’s Blog to see what other folks are up to! There is a lot of great stuff!

PS – Thanks to those who voted in the McCall’s Quilt Design contest!


5 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday – July 12

  1. Cherie – Susan has the Studio version for her business – yes it is a bit pricey – but she is making lots of quilt kits to sell. I loved using it – the fabric didn't shift. It worked great on these tumbler blocks. The home version is more affordable but haven't taken that one for a test drive yet.


  2. Your tumbler units makes me want to start mine. I have the AccuGo and the tumbler die but just have too much to do right now. It's good eye candy to see the start of yours today.


  3. Oh, do tell! How did you like using the Accuquilt? It's kind of pricey and I'm not sure I'd like it that much. I my mind I can see the layers of fabric shifting around. On the other hand the speed and getting pieces with the corners trimmed would be huge.


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