Tool Box Tuesday – July 6

I am starting a new feature on my blog. On Tuesdays I plan on posting something I have found helpful in my quilting (either machine sewing or longarm quilting) – I hope that you might find something that will help you as you quilt.

Today – I will start with something for longarm quilters. It’s the centering measuring tape.  I can’t remember how much I paid for it – but an internet search showed it for between $15-20.

The tape counts out from the center of your machine.

It is great for making sure that your edges remain straight.

It’s also great for measuring sashing strips or other points in the quilt to insure that things remain square. I found this extremely helpful when working on an Irish Chain pattern.

There are markers on the tape that you can move to place as reminders of various measurements The one drawback I found is that when I moved the tape, the markers tended to shift a bit. I decided to keep a note pad handy and to write down the various measurements so that I could make sure I was lining things up properly.

All in all – it was well worth the investment. If you are a longarmer you really should have one of these in your toolbox!

Have you used this? Have you found it helpful? Not Helpful? How do you use it?

And finally – please vote for my quilt in the McCall’s Design Star Contest – click on the link in the right side of my blog.

An Addendum:  I have been having problems posting comments on this blog posting – I apologize for those who have posted but do not see your comment – please re-post and hopefully the blogger will cooperate.  And in answer to those comments  – Yes, I too have problems with having it stay in place -I have attached it to the side of my machine as they recommend, take the measurements I need (place the markers) and then move the tape aside. When I need it I drape it over the quilt lining it up with the center point on the quilt/bar and measure and align as necessary.


4 thoughts on “Tool Box Tuesday – July 6

  1. An interesting item. However if all you need is a guide for the sides of the quilt so it is lined up straight , try masking tape. I put tape on the belly bar at the edge of the quilt, and line up the sides on each advance to that tape edge. $15-20 saved.


  2. I'm so-so on this one. I do use it but I can't find a good stable way to attach it to my longarm. So I know it shifts some as I roll the quilt. But, it's the best thing I've come up[ with so far. I used to use painters tape on my top roller but I removed that roller because I full float my tops. The LACT works and some day I will come up with a clever way to attach it that will work better for me.


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