McCall’s Quilt Design Star

McCall’s Quilting is sponsoring a contest to pick a new quilting design star. The public votes will be combined with the votes of three judges to pick the winner. The first round of the competition is on!  It involves picking the finalists from all of the entries. The information suggests that they will choose up to 15 finalists. There will be three design challenge rounds each lasting one month – with the winner picked at the end of December.

So…. I hope you will vote for me – the quilt I entered is the Log Cabin design that I had posted a few months back. The quilting was done on a HQ 16

There is a link in my sidebar that will take you directly to the page my quilt is on so that you can vote!  You can vote EVERY day – so I hope you like my entry and will go back every day to vote. Or CLICK HERE and vote!

Also – please leave a comment there – Click on the vote button, then write a comment in the comment box and then click on the submit comment button!

Also – on the voting page there is an option to add a post to your facebook, twitter etc… pages, or send emails to friends – It would be great if you might consider giving my entry a plug!



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