The Green Market

One of the curses of living in NYC is not being able to have a place to plant a few flowers or veggies, but thankfully the city has provided a program called the Green Market whereby local farmers come into the city and sell food they have grown  (veggies and meats) as well as flowers.  The program runs all year long and during the winter months they bring in the apples and root veggies that they have stored, or the farm fresh eggs, or baked goods, or the honey or grass feed beef, or….  I took a trip today to the biggest of the Green Markets in NYC the one that is at Union Square.

Here are a few shots of some mushrooms – just couldn’t resist snapping  a pic or two

And here are some flowers – they are a product of the greenhouse – but what a welcome sight after all the snow we had – could spring be near – I hope!

Check back from time to time to see what is new in the market – maybe find a recipe or suggest one from what you see in my market – or in yours!


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