Lotta Stitches

So, how do you fit a longarm machine into a Manhattan apartment – very carefully.

This past November my Handiquilter 16 with ProStitcher arrived. Allan Anderson from The Quilt Basket came to my apartment and helped put it all together. Kathy and Allan Anderson run this wonderful store in Wappingers Falls, NY – If you are ever in the Hudson Valley of NY State – you have to take some time to stop by their store and say hello. Here is a short video of the installation of my machine.


True to form – the machine has a name. Carlotta Stitches – or Lotta Stitches for short. Lotta is doing just fine in my apartment. All she needs is a quilt a day – feed her some thread and give her a drop of oil, and off we go for a ride on the Rig. Here are a few shots of Lotta in her new home, loaded up and ready to lay down some thread on the quilt top.

Here are a few friends of mine – Salt and Pepper – they keep me company and help keep Lotta in line.


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