A view from my window

There are very few things that can bring NYC to a standstill (well maybe not a standstill – but at least slow it down). Mother Nature has sent down a blanket of snow on the city and slowed things down today. Here are some views from my apartment windows. It’s a day to stay inside, crank up the Big Rig, and do some stichin’.

Some snow covered water towers – if the apartment building wasn’t in the picture you could think that you were out in the country on a farm. (OK – I have a good fantasy life!)

A shot of a church roof top – how would Monet paint this view?

Yes, even my NYC backyard gets snow drifts, So…. if you had a chance to get onto this roof top what would you do? Build a fort? Make snow angels? Build snow people? Or….

Time to crank up the Big Rig and lay down some thread!


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