My journey into the world of the longarm

I as many other quilters have had many tops building up – the tops are done, but they were not getting finished. So, my desire to own a longarm quilting machine began. I tried out various machines at shows, and rented some time on a Handiquilter at the local quilt store. My desire to own one of these babies grew. But -there were two questions to be answered – where do I get the money (so I started saving it) but the bigger question is where do I put it! You see, I live in the middle of New York City in a 600 square foot apartment that is already filled with stuff. As someone told me – my studio is 600 square feet! Through some careful purging and creative storage solutions I found some some room in the living room. My long arm (Handiquilter 16 with
ProStitcher) now sits on the wall directly across from my

One of the first quilts I completed on a longarm is entitled Picnic. The playful colors of this quilt suggested to me a picnic, and each of the blocks is quilted with two or three circles – reminding me of plates stacked on top of one another after everyone has eaten more than they should have. The quilt was chosen to be in a show sponsored by The City Quilter  – a quilt store here in NYC. The show was held at the Williams Club this past fall. The full size picture of the front of the quilt (above) was taken at the opening of the show. The back of the quilt was pieced using fabric that resembles ticking. It creates a fun visual interest on the back – especially when the quilting is added to the mix. You can also view a youtube video of this quilt – ENJOY


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